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Tauelsizdik saraiy
On the 15th of December, 2008 there was a grand opening of the “Palace of Independence”.

In the “Palace of Independence” are held various arrangements as meetings, forums, congresses, exhibitions, concerts, international conferences and other state events. Capacity of premises, hardware and comfort allow to spend and shine all occurring events at the higher international level. Along with official actions, there are all possibilities for carrying out of concerts, exhibitions, celebrations.

The internal device represents a surprising combination of strict decisions to an aesthetics having to a cosiness. The structure of the “Palace of Independence” represents:
  • Congress Hall;
  • Ceremonial Hall;
  • Press-Center;
  • Gallery of applied art and Ethnography; archeology and anthropology;
  • Gallery of modern art;
  • Museum of Astana city’s history;
  • Cinema-4D;
  • Cinema-360 degree
  • Electronic library;
  • Model Hall;
The “Palace of Independence” consists of 3 floors. The first floor-original a texture of national and modern styles. Here there have been settled down the Congress Hall which contains 3082 persons, the Ceremonial Hall for 268 seats, the Press-Center for 220 seats, the spacious restaurant equipped with a stage and sound equipments which is calculated for 678 persons.

The Gallery of applied art, ethnography, archeology and anthropology and modern art gallery are located on the second floor.

The composite built hall of archeology is pleased with unique exhibits of an antiquity, as the Golden man, with the Sarmat warrior, Berel horses and stones with mysterious inscriptions. Clothes of a man, ornaments and decorations of horses, numerous subjects of Skif-Sack tribe’s world, executed in unique animal style, are worth of admiration.

In the ethnography and applied art gallery are presented various female jeweleries, national clothes of various regions of the Kazakh steppe, weapons and armour of warriors, musical instruments, carpets of hand-making work, composition which shows hunters, also a wedding ceremony. With exhibits of XVIII-XIX centuries also take place works of modern masters.

The greatest achievement of a nomadic civilization – is Kazakh Yurt executed by the modern master, with all its structure is presented on a review of visitors.

The anthropology hall is interesting by reconstruction of a man, beginning from a neolith and practically up to now.

In the Gallery of modern art are presented the works of famous Kazakhstan artists, as Mullashev, Akanaev, Smagulovа, Begalin, executed in different styles: abstraction, landscape, and portraits. On top of everything, there are sculptures made of ceramics, bronze, wood and stone.

On the third floor is located historical museum of Astana city. The presented expositions cover all the period of Astana city formation: documents, gifts to capital and achievements.

The visitors can watch a film about capital’s history in the Cinema 4D, which contains 48 seats.

Model hall «Astana 2030» represents the further development of capital till 2030.